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CG - S2 E37: Actual Season Finale Finale

Well friends, we’ve reached the end of another successful season of Cinema Gush! We wrap with Nic talking about his own double feature, a small gush in honor of Nic’s godmother passing away and a wee bit of movie news.

Thanks to all of our guests this season and we’ll see you next year!


Show notes: 

Jurassic World Dominion Poster:

Brendon’s Beaver Creek Model:

Joe Pera Talks with You:

Maria Carey/My Chemical Romance Mashup:


CG - S2 E36: The Not Quite Season Finale - MAGNOLIA. OMG

Just when we thought this was the season finale, we decided at the end to make this one the not so season finale, season finale, so behold! The last gush of the year. Nic talks about the movie Magnolia, first shown to him by a friend in college and now a movie that sits very comfortably in his top 10 favorite films. Come gather around the speakers dear children, and enjoy a gush about a movie that clocks in at 3 hours!

You’ll cry, you’ll cry, you might even cry! This episode is packed with a ton of shownotes, so check em all out belw


Show notes:

Read the screenplay!

Nic’s hardcover edition -

Most F bombs in a movie -

Monster Hunter trailer - We’ll watch and follow up next year!


Magnolia behind the scenes documentary - THAT MOMENT -

The Character Relationships Map -

Can animals REALLY rain from the sky? YES -

Aqua Teen TikTok Morals and Values example:


CG - S2 E35: Raiders of the Lost Ark

We started this season with Nic's all time favorite movie (Back to the Future was a great episode. Go listen to it if you missed it) but now it is time for Brendon's all timer: Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Look, a lot has been said about this movie. But that doesn't mean that we can't Gush some more. It's worthy of it. So sit back and enjoy and...hey...why not watch Raiders again while your at it? It's impossible not to have a great time with it.

And come back next week for our season finale where we Gush about Magnolia. 



CG - S2 E34: Jiu Jitsu vs Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

This was a weird one, but we're here to talk about a Nic Cage movie and Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Both will make you laugh, but one doesn't mean to! We've got just a few more episodes before we wrap this season, but we hope you've been enjoying everything thus far!

Jebadiah Springfield - A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man:

Ultimate Fights DVD -

Red Frost Motivation - One of the Poem's:

Spectre theme was Sam Smith. Here's Radiohead's version:

Funny Chekov's Gun short:


CG - S2 E33: Horror 102

We are back with part two of our Horror Movie Extravaganza as Kyle Peterson takes us on a introductory tour of the world of horror! We start right up with Shining and it only gets better than there. So get some popcorn, lock your doors, avoid the basement, and lets dive in!




CG - S2 E32: Horror 101

We are joined once more by Kyle Peterson (his Hook episode last season is a must listen!) to talk about a subject near and dear to his heart: Horror movies. 

Kyle has come prepared to introduce us to the world of horror. He's picked 11 movies that the everyone from the horror-curious to even the horror-phobic can enjoy. It's a great list with something for everyone. Part 1 drops today and next week part 2 drops. Yeah, I know, Halloween will be over next week but horror is good all year round! Plus we needed (NEEDED) to get out Dune review out. It had to happen. Go listen to that one too!


Anyways, enjoy some horror, enjoy your Halloween, and we'll see you back next week for part 2!

Show Notes:

JJ Abrams Mystery Box:

Shark Pool Trailer:


CG - S2 E31: Dune Review

Here at Cinema Gush there is one movie that we mentioned more than any other (not counting Rian Johnson's masterpiece). That movie is Dune.

We have been looking forward to this film for years and it's finally here. We promised you a review and now it's time. Lets do this!


Cinema Gush- S2E30: Physical vs. Subscription

We live in the age of streaming! Which in a lot of ways is great. But...don't you sometimes miss buying movies?

That's what we are here to talk about today: the pros and cons of physical media vs. digital/subscription services. Plus some asides about Ramen, video games, and more!


Show notes:


CG -S2E29: Fall Movie Preview

Hey y'all! Lets talk some fall movies eh?


We are finally getting back to a sense of normalcy in the movie theater this fall and we couldn't be happier. There are a lot of great flicks coming out in the next few months and it's time to talk about and prep for the return of movie theater greatness!


Thanks for joining us and please comment with the movies you are looking forward to this fall. 


CG -S2E10: Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

This is a first. No movie to review, no news to discuss. No today we are ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That's right, all 25 of them in numerical order.

Now because this is the MCU and there really aren't any bad movies here, it really is just a 25 movie gush. But don't worry, we kept it just under 25 hours long.

We have been promising to do this with recurrent guest Kyle Murphy for some time. This is the time. As Thanos said...inevitable.

Hope you enjoy. You don't really have a choice.

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